The Last Piece of My Heart

The Last Piece of My Heart - Paige Toon If you want a book that will calm you down, relax you, show you love and emotion, but at the same time turn your world around and make you cry at 2am, this is the perfect book for you!

Filled with so much love, laughter, happiness, tears, travelling, 7 second long hugs and intimate moments, this book has left me speechless until the very last page.

You will travel the world around with Bridget, and listen to her playlist, keep track of her thoughts and be a witness while she tries to take her pieces of her heart sorted out together again.

But she will fall in love with a person she's expected least - a tiny little baby girl!
Definitely a book that I would recommend to all of you that love these type of stories, and all of you that don't - because you'll love this one regardless!